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Why I Value Creativity

It’s 2am and I’m sat in the library trying to write an essay about creativity.

It’s something I think about a lot actually, even before I started this module. Ask me to describe myself in 3 words and ‘Creative’ will always be my first one. Ask me what my interests are and I’ll always start with ‘Oh you know, creative stuff; photography, painting, etc.’

Being creative is always something I’ve prided myself on and, as much as I sometimes hate to admit it, put other people down for. People who know me well will have surely heard me say at some point ‘Well, sure they do well in tests, but are they creative?!’

So I got thinking:

  • Why is it I value creativity in myself and others so much?
  • Is it really that bad if someone isn’t creative?
  • If someone isn’t creative, is it really their fault? Is it because they aren’t trying hard enough or don’t want to be creative? Or should we just accept the fact that some people don’t know how to be creative?

I wonder, do you think people ever look at me and think Well sure, she’s creative, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes what she creates or Sure, she’s creative, but she’s never going to achieve as high grade in her degree as me or even, She might be creative but she’s not going to get anywhere with a 2.2 is she’?

why I value creativity by Rachel Oates

But surely the great thing about being creative is that we can recognise our weaknesses and begin to see them as strength or look at ways to overcome them? I might not be getting a first in my degree, I might not even be getting a 2.1  at this rate, but I’m coming away from uni with a lot of work experience; Folio Albums, my TSR internship, working in a jewelry shop and Kelseys, and of course 16 months as head of marketing for WRAP. I learnt an invaluable amount when I was on the PhotoSoc exec and as part of Warwick Student Cinema and Real Ale. I’ve used these 5 years as a chance to explore who I am as a person and what I enjoy; photography, painting, web design, writing short stories, blogging, making websites, graphic design.

Just because my grades might not be high because a couple of modules let me down (damn you Economics!) it doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything from my degree. This year I took a really awesome mix of modules that taught me so much useful stuff that even if I don’t come out of this with a top grade, I’ll still have some fantastic knowledge and skills to apply to a job. I’m taking a module about creativity, another about coaching and team leadership. Emotions in Business, Neuroscience for Business, Digital Tech, Consumer Behaviour and Service Marketing. Every single one of these modules has taught me something I can apply to whatever area of marketing I go in to.

And that’s what being creative is about. At least that’s what it’s about to me. I could easily have just spent my time here memorising every single lecture slide and mark scheme and repeating things word-for-word but what would be the point? Instead, I’ve looked at every module for the perspective of how it’s going to help me in the future – everything I learnt I thought ‘how can I apply this to marketing and my career?’

why I value creativity by Rachel Oates

In Equality and Diversity I had to write an essay on why there aren’t as many female CEO’s as men. I could have easily just thrown down a list of statistics and studies, instead I decided I’d try and understand why women aren’t getting these jobs or putting themselves forwards for these jobs and would work to make sure that didn’t happen to me – I don’t want to be another woman who misses out on promotions, I want to be running a business and if I can identify what might stop me now, I can make sure they don’t!

In Emotions in Business I looked at applying an understanding of emotions to helping improve Market Segmentation and appealing to customers. In Neuroscience I chose to learn about Neuromarketing and how we can use brain imaging techniques (and others!) to learn about what customers like, what they need and what they want. In Digital Business and Workplace Technologies I took a keen interest in the idea of digital work spaces and how to encourage creativity through technology.

Creativity isn’t just about new ideas but about applying new perspectives to old ideas and that’s why I’ll always value a person who calls themselves Creative.

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