Videos & Youtube

In the part few years, I've played a part in creating a couple of videos but more recently I've started my own Youtube Channel. It was absolutely terrifying at first - to put my face and my voice out there and have everyone watching - but now I'm really enjoying it and just having fun with it. I can talk about things I care about, things I think are fun, and it's just a nice little creative outlet. I'm learning so much and love it!

Below, you can watch a couple of my favourite videos from my Youtube Channel, plus a couple of the other projects I've worked on. Plus, don't forget to subscribe to me on Youtube!

My Favourites From Youtube

Fashion & Beauty Videos

My most popular video so far has been this Primark Sportswear video. I knew the range was popular but I didn't expect it to be this popular... this was the first video of mine to get any sort of attention and it was pretty exciting to be honest.

One of my favourite things to do is try out new products! I'm literally just an average girl with no particular makeup or beauty skills / knowledge so I always try and give completely honest reviews and first opinions - even when that means admitting I have no idea what I'm doing... ;)

All my makeup tutorials are made with real people in mind - makeup that's actually wearable, easy to do and using completely affordable products. Your makeup should never look thick, cakey or sillyin person and I'm a big believer in keeping things natural! That's why I loved making this no foundation tutorial so much - this is a look that I do regularly wear!

Book Videos

Anyone who knows me even a little bit will know that I'm a huge fan of books and reading. Since I started my Youtube Channel I've been making videos reviewing books I've loved (and hated) and monthly wrap ups of what I've been reading.

Lifestyle & Opinion Videos

All my other videos kind of fit into this category... sometimes I just like to talk about stuff, sometimes I want to teach something, sometimes I just want to use it as a platform to voice my opinion and hear other peoples' views.

Other Projects

I don't just make videos for my Youtube Channel, I've worked on a couple of other little projects in the past!

Don't Feed The Robot - Cheap Cologne (Music Video)

Back in 2012 I came up with the whole concept for this music video, filmed the video and did the bulk of editing alongside one of the band members.