Videos & Youtube

In the part few years, I've played a part in creating a couple of videos but more recently I've started my own Youtube Channel. It was absolutely terrifying at first - to put my face and my voice out there and have everyone watching - but now I'm really enjoying it and just having fun with it. I can talk about things I care about, things I think are fun, and it's just a nice little creative outlet. I'm learning so much and love it!

I began making a few makeup videos for my fashion blog but then I just started to talk about things I cared about. People seemed to like it so I carried on! Now I talk about atheism / religion, science, politics, social issues and make funny videos of me doing stupid stuff.

Below, you can watch a couple of my favourite & most popular videos from my Youtube Channel, plus a couple of the other projects I've worked on. Plus, don't forget to subscribe to me on Youtube!

My Favourites From Youtube

Atheism / Religion

Comedy / I'm An Idiot

Science / Debunking Psychics / Politics / Social Stuff

Book Videos

Fashion & Beauty Videos

One of my favourite things to do is try out new products! I'm literally just an average girl with no particular makeup or beauty skills / knowledge so I always try and give completely honest reviews and first opinions - even when that means admitting I have no idea what I'm doing... ;)

All my makeup tutorials are made with real people in mind - makeup that's actually wearable, easy to do and using completely affordable products. Your makeup should never look thick, cakey or sillyin person and I'm a big believer in keeping things natural! That's why I loved making this no foundation tutorial so much - this is a look that I do regularly wear!

Other Projects

I don't just make videos for my Youtube Channel, I've worked on a couple of other little projects in the past!

Don't Feed The Robot - Cheap Cologne (Music Video)

Back in 2012 I came up with the whole concept for this music video, filmed the video and did the bulk of editing alongside one of the band members.