Dual-Screeners are being seriously influenced by TV when doing their online shopping

TV Can Influence Dual-Screeners’ Shopping Choices

Yesterday EConsultancy reported that due to the increase in dual-screeners, more and more online purchases are being influenced by on-air TV shows.

What Even Is Dual-Screening?

Well it’s pretty simple and it’s a trend which has increased crazy amounts over the last couple of years. As mobile and handheld devices have become increasingly popular, the number of people using mobiles, tablets, and laptops as a secondary device to surf the web whilst watching TV has increased dramatically.

In one study, ITV found that the number of people using tablets whilst watching live TV increased by 225% in 2013. Now, the number of people doing this across all mobile devices is even higher.

Another trend that has been spotted and which has been looked at particularly closely over the last 2 years is the increase of dual-screen shoppers. These are people who shop online whilst watching TV – using Amazon, eBay, and other brand-specific online shopping sites.

Dual-Screeners are being seriously influenced by TV when doing their online shopping

Research Has Proven That The TV Being Watched Influences Dual-Screeners’ Buying Behaviour

Yesterday’s EConsultancy article suggested that while the British public watched The Great British Bake Off live, there was a 67% increase in people searching and shopping for baking products on eBay which the show was live, and a 133% increase in the hour afterwards.

Other examples from the same study showed that during the last season of Game of Thrones there was a huge increase in searches for GoT related merchandise like DVDs, clothes, books, etc. And this increased even further during the finale airing. Unsurprisingly, the majority of these searches were found to be on mobile devices, showing again, the power that dual-screeners have.

Dual-Screeners are big Bake Off fans!

So, What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Clearly, dual-screeners have a lot of influence and you can’t ignore that. In fact, you should be doing everything you can to attract them to your site whilst they watch TV.

Ask any psychologist or expert in consumer behaviour and they’ll tell you that every decision starts with a trigger. Often, advertisers try to provide this trigger; maybe using their adverts to trigger and emotion, get the consumers attention and then get them thinking about the brand. But in this case, the TV show is providing the trigger – it’s getting them emotional, getting them thinking and getting them to act by going online.

Whilst they’re online and thinking about whatever TV program is it, you need to grab they attention again with relevant content. You could do this in a number of ways:

  1. Make sure you know what popular programs are airing and when so you can tailor your marketing strategy to this – is there a big sports match on? What about the return of X Factor or another talent-show final? GBBO, Game of Thrones, any other TV that you know has a lot of hype around it?
  2. Tweet about the TV show yourself using whatever hashtag is trending – this way you’re getting in on the conversation
  3. If you’re an online shop that sells merchandise specific to that TV show, or related (e.g. Baking goods for GBBO, DIY for home improvement shows) maybe think about paying for some targeted ads on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to appear whilst the show is live
  4. Similarly, you could ensure relevant products are featured on your site around the time the episode airs
  5. If you’re a blogger you could either live blog what you think of the episode or post a review or highlights blog afterwards

  6. Can you think of any more ways to target dual-screeners? Leave me a comment below! đŸ™‚


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