Parc de la Ciutadella cascada Travel Photography by Rachel Oates

My Travel Photography Favourites: Part 1

Since I’ve started travelling more, travel photography has become a big passion of mine. I’ve always said that I seem to enjoy experiences a lot more when I view them through a lens and travelling is no different. Once you start photographing an area you pay more attention, you start to look at all the details, you really think about the history of the place and it makes it so much better.

I’m still fairly new to exploring the world; up until a couple of years ago I’d been stuck pretty much only in the UK but I’m slowly changing that! Later this year I’m off to New York and I’ve just come back from an amazing 10 days in Crete. Over the past couple of years I’ve also been to Barcelona (which is amazing!), Berlin (which has the most interesting history) and Frankfurt (although that was only for work so I’m not sure how much it counts!).

If you know me you’ll also know I’m a big advocate of not letting photographs stay digital and forgotten – I love prints, I love seeing and feeling my photographs as real, physical objects and I love using my photos to make more art, especially scrapbooks!

Crete Travel Photography Handmade Scrapbook by Rachel Oates

So, while sorting through the photos I wanted to use for my Crete scrapbook I started looking back over my old travel photos and I thought it might be a fun idea to make a blog post of some of my favourite travel photographs that I’ve taken so far!

Barcelona, Spain – June 2013

Barcelona was my first real holiday abroad and, if I’m remembering correctly, my first holiday with the 40mm pancake lens so that was used a lot! The f/2.8 aperture definitely came in useful for night time wanderings and we did that quite a lot! Barcelona was pretty perfect for me being such a night owl – eating a late dinner and drinks and then wandering back to the hostel taking photos on the way was a pretty perfect evening! And Barcelona is so full of life in the evenings; there are always so many people around and things going on.

One evening in particular Axel took us up to the top of one of the main shopping centers so we could get a view over the city and it happened that we were also there at the same time as Pride Barcelona so we could see all the celebrations from up there and that whole area of the city had such an amazing, fun energy that night!

Pride Barcelona 2013 Travel Photography by Rachel Oates

Undoubtedly, one of my favourite spots in Barcelona was the Parc de la Ciutadella which housed the city zoo (which was awesome!) and the beautiful Cascada fountain depicting the birth of Venus (in the centre) among others like Neptune, Danae and 4 amazing griffins which spurt water! Seriously, this place is so beautiful and no amount of photos can show quite how fantastic it is but if I had to pick any favourites it would be these:

Parc de la Ciutadella cascada Travel Photography by Rachel Oates


Another of my favourite Barcelona spots was the fantastic food market which me and James visited a number of times! The food was unbelievable and the atmosphere was great!

Food Market Travel Photography by Rachel Oates

My last photo from Barcelona was taken inside the monastery at Montserrat. Montserrat itself is a pretty amazing place; it was a little effort to get to get to but so worth it. The cable car to the top offered amazing views which were matched by those we saw on the walk / hike around the mountain. Afterwards we explored inside the monastery and I got to have a play around with PhotoSoc’s fish-eye lens which is how I got this next shot.

Monastery at Montserrat Travel Photography by Rachel Oates

You can check out the rest of my Barcelona photos over on my main site.

Check out part 2 with my favourite photos of Berlin soon!


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