The Best Albums of 2015 So Far…

This year has already been amazing for music and we’re only in September, that means there’s still plenty of time for some awesome releases. But until then, here’s my breakdown of my favourites; the best albums of 2015 so far:

1. Bonxie – Stornoway

There’s no denying Stornoway are my favourite band so I was excited when I learnt they were releasing another album this year, however this exceeded all my expectations. It’s the kind of album you can list to all in one go, or one track at a time as part of a mix and still enjoy. It’s also one of those albums where there isn’t a bad track on there. The tracks are deep and complex with some beautiful (and rather catchy) melodies and interspersed with bird song and other wildlife recordings which give the album a real stand-out quality.

Highlights include: Man on Wire and Love Song Of The Beta Male

Bonxie by Stornoway

2. The Balcony – Catfish and the Bottlemen

This was an album that came out of no where and really surprised me, quickly growing to be one of my favourite albums of all time. I’d never heard of the band before and stumbled across them on Spotify one day. A lot of people have judged them for being too simple or outdated but really, who cares? Their sound is fun; it makes you want to sing along and dance badly, they’re tracks you want to listen to over and over. And the angst-filled lyrics remind you of feeling young and not being so weighed down by responsibility. These are songs you want to have fun and make memories while listening to.

Highlights include: Fallout and Cocoon

3. Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance – Belle and Sebastian

Again, another favourite band of mine which did not disappoint. I even went all-out and treated myself to the 4-disc vinyl boxset which is beautiful and has a few extended tracks on there! Throughout the whole album there’s no mistaking the classic Belle and Sebastian sound as Stuart’s lyrics build into images, creating stories and the melodies get stuck in your head and make you want to dance along like an awkward-hipster.

Highlights include: Nobody’s Empire and The Book Of You

Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance - Belle and Sebastian

4. Talking Is Hard – Walk The Moon

Everyone knows how popular Shut Up And Dance is at the minute and rightly so – it’s awesome! That said, the rest of the album should not be overlooked there are some awesome tracks on there and it sounds fresh and up to date but without losing the sound that made their first album so good! Plus, the vocals are incredible – just listen to the high notes in the chorus of Avalanche and you’ll see what I mean!

Highlights include: Avalanche and Portugal

Other Honourable Mentions

Moth Boys – Spector

Highlights include: All The Sad Young Men and West End

American Beauty/American Psycho – Fall Out Boy

Highlights include: Uma Thurman and Irresistible

Coming Up For Air – Kodaline

Highlights include: Human Again and Love Will Set You Free

Why Make Sense? – Hot Chip

Highlights include: Huarache Lights and White Wine And Fried Chicken

Young Chasers – Circa Waves

Highlights include: Good For Me and So Long

Young Chasers - Circa Waves


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