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5 Social Media Content Ideas for Businesses

Everyone knows businesses should be on social media but sometimes it’s difficult to know what to post – what are your fans going to like? What do they expect to see? And what is going to keep them coming back to your page?

1. Ask Engaging Questions

Everyone loves talking about themselves and that goes for online too! Asking questions is a great way to encourage engagement, learn about your consumers and really help build a relationship with them by starting a conversation.

Ask a question in a tweet or Facebook post or post it as an image to get more attention.


2. Teach Something

It can be in video form, a podcast or just a simple blog post but people always love to learn something new!

When I was working for awesomebooks we used to post blog posts with book recommendations or reviews, at The Student Room we used to share articles about study tips or applying to uni, for my fashion blog I’m always sharing makeup tutorials or other bits of advice.

On my personal Twitter account and Facebook page I like to share a mix of original content and content written by other people.



3. Behind the Scenes

When you see businesses posting, it’s sometimes hard to remember that there are actual, real people behind it. Your business is run by people, for people so don’t forget to show that on social media.

Share what your employees are doing by posting stories, videos and photos.

4. Feature Your Fans

Social media is all about having a conversation with your consumers so you can’t forget about them! Show them that you’re listening to them by featuring them on your social platforms.

You might want to share a video or photo they’ve posted of them using your product. Or you could just make a post about a competition winner, share a review or testimonial, something that shows the face and personality of your consumers.

5. Give Something Away

Competitions and give-aways produce results for 2 reasons:

1) You get awesome engagement and get your company name shared around social media

2) By offering your product or service as a prize you might reach a new consumer who might not have bought from you before and they’re likely to go and share their experience of it with people they know!


Have more content ideas? Let me know down in the comments!




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