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For those of you who’ve seen my cringey little ‘About me’ section of my main website (feel free to mock me for any / all of it’s content) you’ll know for the last 12 months I’ve been the Training Manager for Warwick PhotoSoc. And if you’re here because of a link from PhotoChat or our Facebook page you’ll probably know that already.

For those of you who still don’t really know what that involves a huge part of it has been to run training sessions every week of term time for the society. We’ve made some really great progress this year; the average attendance of training sessions has really increased, we’ve finally found a format of Comment & Critique that works (namely, getting people to constructively critique strangers’ photos in order to try and get them thinking about how they can apply the same techniques to their own work and therefore improve their work), we’ve had a larger number of practical sessions by running one every other week throughout term 1 of this year and we’ve increased the amount of discussion in training session by asking people questions, trying out group tasks and through the new C&C.

Warwick PhotoSoc Training Session
Remember that first training session of the year in October when we had somewhere between 100 – 120 people there? I’m still not sure how I had the guts to stand up there in front of you all and make so many bad jokes!

I can honestly say running these sessions has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done since I’ve been at Warwick and none of it would have been possible without the constant support of the rest of the exec and without our without our members being as fantastic as they are. We’ve had a brilliant number of regular members attending training this year and really getting involved and the start of term 1 and throughout term 2 I’ve met so many new members each week – it’s been a real pleasure to get to meet you all and thank you so much to everyone who’s come along, whether you’ve just been to 1 or 2 sessions or whether you’ve been there every week. You’ve all made training this year so fantastic and I’m really proud of what we’ve all achieved this year.

My only regret is that during my time as training manager I promised you a better resources section of the website and while I’ve been working to create some (hopefully) really useful resources we haven’t managed to get them up on the website (hey, new webmaster, there’s a job for you!). So before elections I thought I’d post a few here for all you awesome PhotoSoc people (and anyone else reading this..). I have promised to send certain resources to certain people so I figured why not just post them all here for everyone to access?

So here we go, PhotoSoc Training Resources:

Understanding Exposure

Specialist Resources

PhotoOp Cheat Sheets
If you’re interested in getting involved in any PhotoOps for PhotoSoc or you’re going to photograph any sort of event for the first time these are a nice idea to print out and take with you. They just give you the basics and a few pointers for what you need to do!

  • Gig Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Event Photography

    • I guess all that’s left to say now (As I’m writing this with about 24hours left as Training Manager) is good luck to the next Training Manager. After reading the manifestos I imagine it’s going to be very close between the two guys and I wish the best of luck to both of them, both for tomorrow and for the next year! And good luck to everyone running tomorrow, I already know we’re going to have a really strong exec next year who ever gets elected.

      And to everyone else in the society, whether you’re running or not make sure you get down to L5 at 5:30pm tomorrow to vote (or organise someone to vote on your behalf by midnight tonight)! It’s going to be a big day for deciding the future of the society and it’s something that really does affect you all so your opinion really matters.

      So lets make sure we end up with a really great exec so we have an even more exciting year next year!


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