New Site, New Blog!

Exciting times this week as I’ve finally got my new website design live! It’s definitely very different from the original design (and less pink) but I like it; it’s simpler and the focus is now more on the images – as it should be! I’ve moved away from displaying them in image carousels as I felt that just took time and effort to look through – this way you can see all the images at a glance, it’s easier and quicker!

My blog’s also got a bit of a makeover and a new focus. It’s moved away from just being something I update whenever I’ve done another job to hopefully being a fairly useful tool. I’m hoping to use it alongside the training sessions I’m running with Warwick PhotoSoc this year so it’ll become a useful source of training materials, but also to document all the awesome stuff PhotoSoc do together (because I love those guys) as well as all the photography related stuff I get up by myself! Plus, I’ll probably reveal my (not-so-hidden) inner-geek and talk about all sort of camera techy-stuff – have I mentioned I reallyyyyy want the Canon 35mm f1.4?

If you’ve seen my website before you might also noticed the photos themselves have changed. I’ve moved away from focusing on my event and sport photography because while I’m good at event photography it’s not what I love and if I’ve learnt anything this past year it’s to photograph what you love.

I’m now using this to showcase the photos I’ve enjoyed taking; one particular new section being the black and white photography area – I’d always dipped in and out of B&W before but I’d never really put much thought into it before I decided to run a training session on it last term. It really made me start thinking more about it. One of the main things I love about B&W photography is that it’s really great for making you concentrate on the textures and patterns in your photos, as well as the composition. By taking colour away you’re actually making yourself think about more. It’s definitely something I’ve really been getting into and would love to develop my skills in over the next year or so.

Black and White Photography by Rachel Oates

I also want to get back into gig photography a bit more because out of everything photography-related, that is my absolute favourite thing to do! I love how exciting and fun it is and of course, being able to experience live music at the same time is an incredible bonus!

I saw some fantastic gigs towards the end of last year; Spring Offensive played in a church in Cambridge, King Charles played the Warwick Summer Party and, of course, I saw at Warwick Battle of the Bands again. I cannot wait to get the photos from these gigs up! I had such a fantastic time and gig photos are the sort that really show off how much fun both the musician and the photographer are having which it probably part of what I love about them!

Coves Photographed by Rachel Oates

So, enough of the rambling on! To basically summarize everything I’ve just said: New Site, New Blog, New Exciting Content and Photos are AWESOME!