My Current 5 TV Obsessions

1) Young and Hungry

This is not my usual type of TV. Each 20 minute episode is filled with cliched characters and the type of humour and plots that have been done before, but somehow it works. And it’s super addictive.

It follows Gabi, an aspiring chef, who miraculously gets a job as a personal chef for the super-rich, tech genius, Josh.

Like I said it’s been done before, it reminds me a hell of a lot of 2 Broke Girls, but it is pretty funny and I somehow managed to binge-watch the entire first season and first half of the second season in 2 days… oops!

2) Dexter

I’m so behind when it comes to Dexter and I’ve only just started watching it but now I finally have, IT’S SO GOOD.

For those of you who’ve spent the last few years under the same rock as me, this series is about Dexter Morgan a blood-splatter analyst from Miami who has a secret double life as a serial killer with a code; he only kills those who kill who’ve, for various reasons, escaped punishment.

It’s seriously good and it’s not predictable either. You know how on a lot of crime programes have the same formula all the time – Dexter throws that out of the window and it’s wonderful.

3) Finding Carter

This was a surprise I stumbled upon. Finding Carter is the story of a kid who was kidnapped when she was 3 being reunited with her family. Lovely, right? Except she didn’t know she was kidnapped and she had a pretty great relationship with her mum / kidnapper.

If you can get past the annoying teen drama and spoilt-kid behavior it’s actually pretty good.

Plus it has a great cast with one of the twins for Skins and Alexis Denisof (you know, he was Wesley in Buffy and Angel!) – and it’s still weird hearing them both with American accents!

4) Game of Thrones

Obviously because SEASON FIVE.

And if you haven’t been watching it up until now then why not? It has politics, drama, war, magic, sword fighting, awesome costumes, unexpected and constantly shocking plots and dragons. DRAGONS.

Why would you not watch it?

5) Pretty Little Liars

With it’s season 6 premier this week I’ve got super-excited for this again. Season 5 ended with the girls being kidnapped by A and the first episode of season 6 gave us so many answers and soooooo many more questions. It was so exciting, I don’t even know where to start.

Even explaining the premise of Pretty Little Liars is tricky… so much has happened. Ok, firstly lets get over the whole teen drama thing, that’s a minor part of it, the excitement comes from the question who is A?

A year before the show starts, teenager Alison DiLaurentis goes missing, a year later a body is found in her backyard and her friends start getting mysterious texts from ‘A’ who, over the next few seasons, threatens to expose all their secrets, tries to frame them for murder, and generally makes their lives hell. Throughout the series tonnes of secrets are revealed, which mostly just leave you with more questions. It’s shocking, intriguing and sooooo addictive, plus you can’t trust anyone. Not a single character. The last half of season 5 even had me suspecting Aria who’d been my favourite character. AmAzing.


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