How To Read More In 2015

1. Don’t Just Read. Make it a social activity instead.
Discuss the books you read with friends, recommend books to each other, tell each other when you’ve just finished a book. It’ll  motivate you to read more and you’ll enjoy it more because you’re not just reading but you’ll start to think about what you’ve read, develop your tastes so you’ll know how to pick books you’ll enjoy again in the future.

2. Skip What Doesn’t Make You Happy.
Not enjoying a book? Don’t feel you have to keep pushing through it. You’re much better off just putting it aside and starting something else. You can always come back to it later if you feel like it, or not – it’s completely up to you, but there’s no point wasting time on a book you’re not enjoying or not getting anything out of!

3. Always Carry A Book.
Yeah everyone says this but it really does work! I read on the bus, I read on my lunch breaks, I read when my computer’s decided to freeze and I need something to calm me down while I worry about having lost the last half hour’s worth of work… Whenever I get some spare time when I’d otherwise be doing nothing, when I’m in the mood, I just pull out a book and have a read – you’d be surprised how quickly you can get through a book this way!

Plus, with e-books and apps on your phone or tablet for reading them, there’s literally no excuse you could carry an entire library around in your pocket if you wanted to!

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4. Always Have A Back-up. 
If you know you’re nearing the end of your book, have at least one waiting for you to read next. There’s nothing worse than finishing a book and being in the mood to read even more then just having to sit there without anything for a few days until you can get to the shop and buy another…

5. Keep Track…
I always find I’m much more motivated to do anything when I can see the progress I’v already made. That’s why I started keeping a reading journal so I can keep track of everything I read. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment and means I know how close I am to the reading goals I set myself each year!