When Galaxy Painting Goes… Wrong?

I love painting. If you’ve been around me for any length of time or follow me on any social media you’ll know I love it, but I’m terrible at it.

That said, I never let me lack of skill stop me and the other night I decided to try and make a couple of space / galaxy paintings using acrylic paint and some regular kitchen sponges… because why not?!

The first painting turned out great! I love it! I’m going to put it on my wall:




But then the second one didn’t go quite so well…


I decided to throw a bit of drawing ink into the mix to see how that turned out and it started out ok!DSC01534




So all good? Except here’s where it just started going wrong. It wasn’t working. I couldn’t get the paint to blend right, it wasn’t looking like I pictured in my head and I was getting grumpy. This is when Dan stepped in and he encouraged me to just have some fun with it…

We started (literally) throwing paint around, painting with our hands and just being silly! It was so much fun!



So things didn’t exactly go as I’d planned and I ended up very messy! But it was all worth it and we had so much fun creating a painting together ♥



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