I have a tonne of experience with web design and graphic design for businesses, bands, artists and blogs.


I made my first website at 13 and it was awful but I’ll always remember how much fun I had with it. Since then, I always wanted to learn more and more, so I did.

Skills & Experience include: HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery, mySQL, WordPress, using bespoke CMS, Responsive Design

I’m completely self taught. I never just concentrated on the technical side of coding; I also put a lot of effort into understanding fundamental design principles. As I’ve worked in digital marketing, I focus a lot on user experience and making really intuitive, easy-to-use sites.

Graphic Design

I’m very experienced in using Adobe’s Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illulstrator and InDesign, and other programs like Quark and Serif PagePlus.

At 15, I began by creating promotional leaflets, posters and flyers for a local pharmacy / photo lab. I also created original graphics for their website and email newsletters.

During this time, I also learnt photo restoration techniques on old, damaged photographs; this included, dust, scratch and crease removal, and recolouration.

Since then, I have created graphics for a number of businesses and their websites including The Student Room, AwesomeBooks, Sell It Back, Peppersmith, among others. I have also worked on designing new logos and re-branding AwesomeBooks and Sell It Back.

Personal projects have included a number of pieces of original digital art and t-shirt designs, some of which have been sold on Cotton Bureau others were for local bands which were sold at concerts.