Bonfire Night in Battle

This year me and Dan headed down to his hometown of Battle for Bonfire night. There was a pretty awesome parade, a great bonfire and some very disappointing fireworks mostly hidden behind houses. We also spent the Sunday exploring the village of Catsfield which was lovely! A weekend of ups and downs but mostly just […]

London Sunset: Photo Adventure

Since moving to London it’s been a great chance for me to get back behind the camera and take a tonne of photos again. The problem, however, is now that now I’m working most of my photos end up being taken at sunset or early evening… still, it’s been fun and here are a selection […]

New York Adventures: Street Art

I love street art. I’m always on the look out for it; perhaps that’s why I love Brighton and London so much and New York certainly didn’t disappoint for awesome street art! Here is my favourite collection of street art and other random artsy sights from the big city! Audrey Hepburn Found on Mulberry Street […]

New York Adventures: Coney Island

Coney Island is one of the areas of New York I’ve always wanted to visit. It’s in the south-western part of Brooklyn near Brighton Beach and is probably one of the brightest, most vibrant areas of the city! I would have loved to explore the area a little more but we did get to spend […]

My Travel Photography Favourites: Part 1

Since I’ve started travelling more, travel photography has become a big passion of mine. I’ve always said that I seem to enjoy experiences a lot more when I view them through a lens and travelling is no different. Once you start photographing an area you pay more attention, you start to look at all the […]