Books Make Blogging Look Far Too Easy

I’ve been blogging for a while now, I have a number of projects going on and I seriously love them and enjoy them so much! BUT, it’s not easy. You can’t just put content out there and expect that people will read it. Creating what you want, when you want isn’t enough. That’s what a […]

5 Social Media Content Ideas for Businesses

Everyone knows businesses should be on social media but sometimes it’s difficult to know what to post – what are your fans going to like? What do they expect to see? And what is going to keep them coming back to your page? 1. Ask Engaging Questions Everyone loves talking about themselves and that goes […]

What Can We Learn About Consumer Behaviour From #LikeAGirl?

In a previous post, I wrote about the recent trend of Femvertising; using Feminist messages in advertisements to help sell your products. Dove have done it, Pantene have done it and even Always have done it. Always’ recent #LikeAGirl campaign took a brand and a product that no one would usually talk about and created […]

TV Can Influence Dual-Screeners’ Shopping Choices

Yesterday EConsultancy reported that due to the increase in dual-screeners, more and more online purchases are being influenced by on-air TV shows. What Even Is Dual-Screening? Well it’s pretty simple and it’s a trend which has increased crazy amounts over the last couple of years. As mobile and handheld devices have become increasingly popular, the […]

An Introduction To Femvertising: The Latest Advertising Trend

What is Femvertising? Many argue that since 2008 a fourth wave of Feminism has been developing; it’s about connecting people through technology and promoting gender equality as well as raising awareness of issues relating to gender fluidity, sexuality and transsexuality. Feminist messages have become increasingly prevalent through technology and social media, so it is no surprise that […]