More Digital Collages

I posted a while ago about these digital collages I’d be making. They’re mostly made using found elements although occassionaly I might throw in a couple of parts from my own photographs. It’s just a fun little project, nothing too serious, but I’m enjoying it. Recently, I’ve been making a few more and wanted to […]

Why Are Some People More Creative Than Others?

In one of my previous blog posts I wrote about whether creativity was more of a personality trait or a process. The next logical question is to ask why some people are viewed as being more creative than others? Do they have stronger creative traits? Do they just have a different way of looking at […]

New York Adventures: Street Art

I love street art. I’m always on the look out for it; perhaps that’s why I love Brighton and London so much and New York certainly didn’t disappoint for awesome street art! Here is my favourite collection of street art and other random artsy sights from the big city! Audrey Hepburn Found on Mulberry Street […]