Leicester Square Lego Store Opening

Yesterday, me and my brother, Warren, went to the opening of the world’s largest Lego Store in Leicester Square. Despite having to wait outside in the cold for around 2 and a half hours it was actually pretty fun and it didn’t seem that long to be honest! While waiting in the queue we were given adorable Lego stickers, a store map and Lego Passport. I also got a free gingerbread cottage – how adorable

Bonfire Night in Battle

This year me and Dan headed down to his hometown of Battle for Bonfire night. There was a pretty awesome parade, a great bonfire and some very disappointing fireworks mostly hidden behind houses. We also spent the Sunday exploring the village of Catsfield which was lovely! A weekend of ups and downs but mostly just great photos and great company. Also some great fish and chips (thanks David!) 🙂 The Parade The Bonfire The (Disappointing)

3 More Creepy Original Fairy Tales

If you enjoyed my previous post about 8 of the creepiest original fairy tales in the world, then you’re in luck! Here are 3 more weird and disturbing original fairy tales; some you might have heard of, one you might not have but be prepared, it’s one of the most messed up fairy tales out there. Hope you’re ready! Rapunzel Rapunzel is definitely a favourite story of mine, at least in part thanks to Disney’s

An Adventure in Vlogging: 5 Simple Tips for Fashion on a Budget

Over on my fashion blog, which you might have seen me mention before, I’ve recently started vlogging and it’s a little scary to be honest – putting my face, my voice, my opinions on video for everyone I know (and don’t know!) to see but it’s also fun and I think that makes it worth it! Here’s my latest video which is all about how to stay fashionable and looking and feeling great, even when

Should You Implement A Digital Workplace?

I’ve been talking a lot recently about the whole concept of a digital workplace, but does your business need one? Here are the benefits and weaknesses of working in a digital workplace, and the opportunities it can bring for your business: The Benefits of a Digital Workplace One of the key benefits of a digital workplace is that, through tools such as cloud storage and file sharing, employees have more flexibility in where and when

4 Easy Steps To Implement A Digital Workplace

While often an organisation may evolve towards a digital workplace over time, some may want to implement a strategy to expedite and control the process. In these cases, it is not just a matter of investing in some technology one time and leaving it, but in developing a long-term plan to integrate technology into the organisation’s culture and everyday activities to ensure successful and sustainable implementation. Specific strategies will differ depending on the specific organisation,