Author Review: Peter James

author review of peter james by Rachel Oates
Now I should probably say before I even start writing this post, that when it comes to Peter James I’m a little bit biased – he is easily one of my favourite authors! About 3 years ago I picked up one of his books, Perfect People, on Kindle on a whim, I loved it and a couple of months later my sister leant me a second book by him and from then on I’ve been hooked.

Most of Peter James’ work can be classified as crime or thriller, although there are also plenty of examples of horror and science fiction elements in his work. These elements, combined with his obvious attention to detail and thorough research, make for compelling and believable plots which grips you from the very first page.

Potentially some of his most well known books are his Roy Grace series which follows the Brighton-based Detective Superintendent as he solves major crime, after major crime with intuitive and innovative thinking and a real passion for getting the bad guys! Throughout the series, which is currently 11 books long, James writes the characters, as they grow and their relationships change, in such a believable way that you can’t help caring about them and wanting the best for them. It’s not every day you find a thriller author who makes you just as interested in character development as in the rest of the plot.

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Another thing to note about Peter James’ work is their setting. Having been born in Brighton, Sussex, James tends to use this lively coastal town as the setting for the majority of his work. Again, here’s where I get biased again… because having lived there myself the other year I know what a fantastic place it is! I fell in love with Brighton from the moment I first moved there and through reading Peter James’ books it’s clear to see his passion and love for the local area and it’s history too! Plus, it’s always fun when he mentions specfic areas and streets – in one Roy Grace book, a car chase occurred along the street I used to live on and I got so excited I instagrammed it to show all my family… I’m so cool!

Ok, like I said… I’m a little bit biased! But hey, I get to pick Author of the Month, why not make it someone who’s work I’m a little bit in love with?!

Anyway… back in reality, whether you’re looking for an introduction into the world of crime and thrillers, or you’re well-read in that area, Peter James is guaranteed to have written something to suit everyone. His books are exciting and enthralling, he knows how to write a likable yet complex character and, most importantly, he knows how to tell a seriously good story!