Rachel Oates

Rachel Oates

B2C Digital Marketing Expert. Web Designer. Gig Photographer. Social Media Addict.

Warwick Uni / Warwick Business School Grad: BSc Management (2.1)

Fashion & Beauty Blogger. Youtuber.

Lover of Books, Dogs, Painting & Nature. Based in London.

Gig Photography

I've been shooting gigs part-time for around 8 years now and it's still my favourite thing to do!

At uni, I regularly photographed the annual Battle of the Bands competition for the wonderful guys in Warwick BandSoc.

As a huge music fan, it's been an absolute pleasure to photograph some of my favourite bands over the years including:

Coves, I Said Yes, King Charles, Noah and the Whale, Paramore, Postmodern Jukebox & Stornoway

Rachel Oates
Rachel Oates Rachel Oates

Digital Marketing

My approach to B2C Digital Marketing is unique. My varied experience mean I have a thorough understanding of consumer behaviour, an excellent knowledge of using technology for graphic design and web development and a creative, original approach to all tasks.

My first experience with digital marketing came at 15 when I was working in a local pharmacy & photo lab in South Yorkshire. 2 of us worked to build a SEO-friendly website with online store, connect with our customers on social media and keep them updated via email newsletters.

Soon we were getting orders from all over the UK and even as far away as Canada! Seeing that growth and just how many people you can connect with online was what made me fall in love with Digital Marketing!

Since then, I've interned at The Student Room and worked as Head of Marketing for AwesomeBooks. I've also worked on some freelance projects for artists and other small businesses.

My skills and experience include:

Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Website UX Optimisation, Google Analytics, Adwords & PPC Ads, Branding


I have a tonne of experience with web design and graphic design for businesses, bands, artists and blogs.


I made my first website at 13 and it was awful but I'll always remember how much fun I had with it. Since then, I always wanted to learn more and more, so I did.

Skills & Experience include: HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery, mySQL, Wordpress, using bespoke CMS, Responsive Design

I'm completely self taught but I really like that because it means I never just concentrated on the technical side of coding. I also put a lot of effort into understanding fundamental design principles and, as I've worked in digital marketing, I chose to focus a lot on user experience and making really intuitive, easy-to-use sites.

Graphic Design

I'm incredibly experienced in using Adobe's Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illulstrator and InDesign, as well as other programs like Quark and Serif PagePlus.

I began by creating promotional leaflets, posters and flyers for the pharmacy / photo lab I worked at when I was 15. I also created original graphics for the website and email newsletters.

During this time, I also learnt photo restoration techniques on old, damaged photographs; this included, dust, scratch and crease removal, and recolouration.

Since then, I have created graphics for a number of businesses and their websites including The Student Room, AwesomeBooks, Sell It Back, Peppersmith, among others. I have also worked on designing new logos and re-branding AwesomeBooks and Sell It Back.

Personal projects have included a number of pieces of original digital art and t-shirt designs, some of which have been sold on Cotton Bureau others were for local bands which were sold at concerts.

Rachel Oates Rachel Oates


I started making Youtube videos in 2016 alongside my Fashion & Beauty blog - Affordably Fashionable - although now I make all kinds of videos and just have fun with it!


Ok, so this section is just for fun! I'm no artist but I do enjoy painting.

I mostly use acrylics but I also experiment with watercolours, pencil sketches and mixed-media collages.

Rachel Oates


I love writing, I love learning new things and sharing my ideas with others, so I absolutely love blogging! The only problem for me is that I have so many interests and so many things I want to learn about, that I had to split things up into a couple of blogs...

Affordably Fashionable is a fashion and beauty blog all about looking and feeling great while on a budget. I'm definitely no expert but I find it all really fun and have got to know a great community of people online through this!

WeirdNature was another project I started for fun to indulge my love of animals, plants, weather, science and geography. I look at cool overlooked facts about everyone's favourite animals, find new species you might not have heard of, and write about things unusual!

All my other interests I write about over on my personal blog; books, music, art, photography and marketing. You'll find it all there.


I said I was a social media addict, here's the proof.

You can find me all over the internet so why not go follow me? I might say something interesting at some point in the future.

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